ASTM Uniformat II Classification for Building Elements (E). Level 1. Major Group Elements. Level 2. Group Elements. Level 3. Individual Elements. This standard is issued under the fixed designation E ; the number immediately 1 This classification is under the jurisdiction of ASTM Committee E06 on. Purchase your copy of ASTM E – 09() as a PDF download or hard copy directly from the official BSI Shop. All BSI British Standards.

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Value Engineering workshops are more productive because all costs are transparent, function costs can be readily quantified, and the UNIFORMAT classification serves as a checklist for brainstorming sessions.

As a result, fewer major changes are likely aztm occur during the Design Development Phase, and the design schedule likely accelerated. A standardized cost reporting format based on UNIFORMAT II, such as shown in Figure 4 – Building Elemental Cost Summaryhas the added aastm of facilitating the rapid reconciliation of estimates from different sources; this is because all design and inflation contingencies, and overhead and profit can be calculated in the same way, a rare occurrence when comparing design estimates in today’s context.

Simulation is one technique Practice E for developing probability distributions of building costs when evaluating the economic risk in undertaking a building project. Linking the formats at this phase is beneficial for the design team and the construction team that may already be on board. Preliminary Project Descriptions and Outline Specifications.

Standard Classification for Building Elements and Related Sitework-UNIFORMAT II

The elemental PPD serves as a checklist for everyone that reviews and comments on the project. Elemental design estimates with a standardized classification system that is consistent from phase to phase and project to project, that is more accurate because of the information provided in the PPD, easily understood by all team members, and suitable for design cost analysis.

The partition density the ratio of the quantity of partitions per square foot GFA is 1. Changes in the project team, i. Significantly improved project team communications, coordination and productivity as a result of linking the PPD and the estimate within a common framework at the Schematic Design Phase, the most crucial phase of a project.


Project Budgeting for Buildings. Pushing the decision making up front for the selection of building systems also reduces the probability of major changes as design progresses, changes that are time consuming and costly to everyone concerned. He may be reached by telephone or fax at or by e-mail at This e-mail address is being protected from spambots.

The project benefits from their expertise at a time when design decisions are not frozen and suggestions can be seriously considered in a constructive exchange of views, without the confrontation that would occur if they were proposed in the final stages of design. The cost manager can prepare more detailed Schematic Phase estimates for all disciplines with a higher degree of accuracy than usual, based on the E15557 provided by each consultant; if the project is within budget, there should be no major concern as to the final project cost other than for major scope e1557 initiated by the client and for which additional funding should be provided.


Charette, Robert, Brian Bowen. Life Cycle costing can now be effectively initiated during the Design Development Phase to evaluate alternatives.

Elements, as defined here, are major components common to most buildings. Also, use the elemental cost data to expedite the development of cost models for building systems. Lack of design and cost information is always one of the major obstacles to the effective introduction of life cycle costing, energy analysis, and value qstm early in the design process, d1557 problem that can be resolved with UNIFORMAT II.

Newton Centre, MA Tel.: Cart The cart is empty. The project manager, client and user are presented with a clear and simple project description, element by element, at the Schematic Phase; they are in a position to provide informed comments much earlier than usual on any changes that may be required.


ASTM E1557 – 09(2015)

The classification serves as a consistent reference for analysis, evaluation, and monitoring during the feasibility, planning, and design stages of buildings.

It is also unsuitable for process applications or for preparing trade estimates. As a result of improved team communications and coordination, the project manager can have more time to address other important issues, and manage the project to a successful completion with less effort than normally required. With the elemental approach, the description, quantity and cost of the Exterior Wall B would be identified separately, thus greatly facilitating cost analysis.

Special instructions from the project manager pertaining to specifications and estimates should also be included in the directives. Realistic elemental budget and design program estimates can be prepared from historical and published elemental cost data, using cost modelling techniques outlined in the text “Project Budgeting for Buildings” that is listed in the UNIFORMAT references 9.

Having a manual or database in an elemental format helps you perform economic analysis early in the design stage and at reasonable cost. The unit rates of most elements are indicative of their quality level, vital information for designers and clients. Seventh Edition, McGraw Hill.

ASTM E – 97e1 Standard Classification for Building Elements and Related Sitework-UNIFORMAT II

See Practice E for guidance as to what economic method to use. ASTM E Estimating formats that differ from project to project, require too much time to comprehend, do not support design cost analysis, and that cannot easily be monitored from one design phase to another no audit trail.

Personal Publications Robert P. The cost manager is provided with the information necessary to prepare more comprehensive and accurate estimates based on a description of elements provided by each design professional: It excludes specialized process equipment related to a building’s functional use but does include furnishings and equipment.

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