The Texas spotted whiptail (Aspidocelis gularis) is a species of long-tailed lizard native to the southern United States, in Texas, New Mexico, and Oklahoma, and. The Texas spotted whiptail (Cnemidophorus gularis or Aspidocelis gularis) is a species of long-tailed lizard native to the southern United States, in Texas, New. Reproduction and Sexual Dimorphism in the Whiptail Lizard Aspidoscelis gularis (Squamata: Teiidae) in Guadalcázar, San Luis Potosí, Mexico.

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Find more photos by Google images search: Indianola and the Valley of the Rio Grande del Norte. Garza Valdez, Tamaulipas; S. However, they still recommend to consider both species as valid due to recognizable phenotypic differences. Aspidoscelis gularis also hybridizes with Aspidoscelis laredoensis. TCWC ; male; J. Dixon; 22 July [colossus] Holotype: AMNH ; male; R. Zweifel [pallidus] Holotype: The status of Cnemidophorus gularis rauni and C.

Characteristics of some new reptiles in the Museum of the Smithsonian Institution, part 2. Aspidoscelis gularis spotted whiptail predation. Herpetological Review 44 3: Notes on the Herpetofauna of Western Mexico 6: Amphibians and Reptiles of Hostotipaquillo, Jalisco, Mexico.

Center for North American Herpetology, 48 pp. Parallel color patterns in lizards.

Eastern Spotted Whiptail

A synopsis of the species of the teiid genus Cnemidophorus. Walker and Stanley E. Aspidoscelis gularis gularis Texas spotted whiptail acquired color pattern. Herpetological Review 44 4: Scientific and standard English names of amphibians and reptiles of North America north of Mexico, with comments regarding confidence in our understanding. Amphibians and reptiles of New Mexico. New Aspidiscelis Press, pp. Amphibians and reptiles of Texas, second edition.


IUCN Red List of Threatened Species

Amphibians and reptiles of the state of Queretaro, Mexico. Tlalnepantla UNAM, pp. A synopsis of the lizards of the sexlineatus group genus Cnemidophorus. Cnemidophorus gularis aspidosscelis Texas spotted whiptail. Herpetological Review 26 2: Apparent hybridization between Cnemidophorus gularis and Cnemidophorus septemvittatus from an area of sympatry in Southwest Texas.

Journal of Herpetology 32 3: A contribution to the study of evolution based upon the Mexican species of Cnemidophorus.

Some reptiles and amphibians from Glaris and Campeche, Mexico. Notices of new reptiles from Texas. Lizards of the American Southwest. A photographic field guide.

Amphibians and reptiles of the state of Hidalgo, Mexico. Check List 11 3: Walker and Hoabrt M. Aspidoscelis gularis septemvittata Mexican Plateau striped whiptail reproduction.

Herpetological Review 46 2: Evolution of parthenogenetic species of Cnemidophorus Whiptail lizards in western North America.

Journal of the Arizona Academy of Science 4 2: A checklist of the lizard genus Cnemidophorus Teiidae. The herpetofauna of the Mexican State of Aguascalientes.

Texas spotted whiptail

Courier Forschungsinstitut Senckenberg Studies on the amphibians and reptiles of British Honduras. Can Parthenogenetic Cnemidophorus laredoensis Teiidae coexist with its bisexual congeners?.

Journal of Herpetology 26 2: Cnemidophorus laredoensis McKinney, Kay, and Anderson. Catalogue of American Guaris and Reptiles Early origin of viviparity and multiple reversions to oviparity in squamate reptiles.

Ecology Letters 17 1: American Museum Novitates Notes on amphibians and reptiles of Michoacan, Mexico. Relative priority of names for members of the Eastern and Central Spotted Whiptail lineages of the lizard genus Cnemidophorus in North America.


Herpetological Review 27 3: Houghton Mifflin, Boston Stuart, L. A contribution to a knowledge of the herpetology of a portion of the savanna region of Central Peten, Guatemala. Cordes, and James M. Samples of Parthenogenetic A. Johnson and Larry David Wilson. The herpetofauna of Tamaulipas, Mexico: Mesoamerican Herpetology 3 1: Walker and James E. Aspidoscelis laredoensis x Aspidoscelis gularis Laredo striped whiptail x Texas spotted whiptail spermatogenesis.

Herpetological Review 44 2: Aspidoscelis laredoensis x Aspidoscelis gularis Laredo striped whiptail x Texas spotted whiptail hybrid gynandromorph. Anfibios y Reptiles de Aguascalientes [2nd ed. Systematics of Cnemidophorus gularis. Cordes and Harry L. Parthenogenetic Cnemidophorus tesselatus complex Sauria: A neotype for diploid C. Trauth and Mark A. Aspidoscelis laredoensis Larego striped whiptail x Aspidoscelis gularis Texas spotted whiptail maximum body size.

Herpetological Review 45 1: Morphological variation in the teiid lizard Cnemidorphorus gularis. Misuse of the trivial name Septemvittatus in the lizard genus Cnemidophorus. Evolution of the lizards of the genus Cnemidophorus.

Texas spotted whiptail – Wikipedia

Biology of Whiptail lizards genus Cnemidophoruspp. Tweet Please submit feedback about this entry to the curator. Reptarium The Reptile Database. Can you confirm these amateur observations of Aspidoscelis gularis? Web pages and scripting Jiri Hosek.

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