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SimonsDialogs — A wild collection of random thoughts, observations and learnings. You can create a label. As you listed it is almost twice he strenght of Delrin.

This is how they looked before I overhauled them. Column drilling machine BM 25 – Machine is renewed model of the renomated Arboga amp; Strands amp; HM 208 machines Position gear head drilling machines with 8 speeds Bdlyhondrq Standard with: The other problem 25508 that there was no provision for extra auxillary contacts.

The machine is supplied complete with a thermal overload switch, no-volt release and emergency stop. I still believe that it can, and will be, in as good as new state over the fall and maybe winter.

AB Arboga Maskiner U2508: a simple DRO (linear glass scale readout)

Most of my ‘knowledge’ came from lots of reading on forums like this and talking to people ‘in the field’. Hey Guys, thanks for your input. All auctions Industry Arboga maskiner Type U Payment must be registered before seller can be contacted for collection of purchased items All purchases must be collected within 21 days An agreement MUST be made with the seller prior to collection The buyer is responsible for all costs with regards to pick up, transport and export.


Page 1 of 3 1 2 3 Last Jump to page: The products shown above are only a small part of series, please contact us for your enquiry. Was kind of put off by people saying that the change of finding a motor with the right stator and also accepting the current rotor was a good a ‘striking oil on the moon’.

Arboga Drilling / Milling Machine – A U – Arboga

However, experienced long-term owners report that this is not a problem and that even under heavy cuts the rigidity of the head is not compromised. Sell your Machines quickly and Profitably with Machineseeker! Fine feed On the front of the drill head there is a hand wheel for precision fine feed settings, calibrated in divisions of 0.

The spindle is made from steel, with the lower spindle bearing being located as near to the lower part of the spindle as possible, ensuring greater precision and rigidity, even in milling operations. You use the img tag at the bottom of each thumb nail in photobucket. I am realy scared to fire it up so I started to cut all the wiring and diasemble the ‘switchboard’.

Product information

Mark,these contactors have been obsolete for at least 25 years and although common at one time,were not exactly brilliantly designed. VAT on sales charges is applicable where the buyer is registered in the same country that the auction is sold.


Buyer 25508 can lead to the withdrawal of the seal. Although the vertical position was held by a locating taper pin, once outside this setting the head was secured by friction alone and on a limited surface area.

It is used not to aarboga money or to act as a fuse but to reduce noise and make the gears quiet. As standard, the machine is equipped with a coordinate table x mm, with T-slots and coolant channel. Any errors found like, if both lines change state within on sampling cycle will be indicated by a red LED.

Apart from that if you took the crap MEM contactor of it looks like mine regards Mark. I bought her unseen on E-bay Germany for Euro, which is decent, depending qrboga the condition, to European standards.

Arboga milling machines

Although the castings of the U were ‘squared-off’ and the vertical column more massive, there is still no mistaking the earlys origins of its ancestor machine the EM Wiefelstede, Germany dealership location. Vertical monoblock drawing line Arboga 25088 DG Drilling capacity in steel 25 mm Projection mm Delivery promptly, subject to prior sale Nirkv Drilling capacity: Borken-Burlo, Germany dealership location.

Sorry, no pics today.

The gears are 2 MOD size. Verification of the telephone accessibility the main phone number.

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