“Seldom have careful scholarship and book design combined to make a work as attractive as David Quint’s new translation of Poliziano’s Stanze per la giostra. Angelo Poliziano. Stanze de messer Angelo Politiano cominciate per la giostra del magnifico. Giuliano di Pietro de Medici Botticelli’s Birth of Venus and Poliziano’s la Giostra. The following is an excerpt from Angelo Poliziano’s Stanze di messer Angelo Politiano cominciate per la.

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Poliziano covered nearly the whole ground of classical literature during his tenure, and published the notes of his courses upon AngleoSuetoniusStatiusPliny the Youngerand Quintilian.

The Stanze of Angelo Poliziano

This recension influenced the Roman code. At the age of ten, after the premature death of his father, Politian began his studies at Florenceas the guest of a cousin. Earlier Florentine humanists had studied the ancient world in order to become better men and citizens.

Politian was born as Angelo Ambrogini in Montepulcianoin central Tuscany in Poliziano was well known as a scholar, a professor, a critic, and a Latin poet in an age when the classics were still studied with assimilative curiosity, and not with the scientific industry of a later period. The English prose is rich, vibrant and rhythmic, while at the giistra time accurate and natural. This ‘Philosophus Platonicus, Theologus and Medicus,’ who seriously, half playfully patterned his life after Plato, and whose modestly comfortable villa at Careggi a gift from Cosimo de Medici purported to be the Academe pooiziano [reborn Academy of Plato], was not only the life and soul but also the constructive mind of an informal ‘society’ which was a combination of club, research seminat and sect, rather than an Academy in the modern sense.


Botticelli’s Birth of Venus and Poliziano’s la Giostra. And as in all aspects and in all generation of Beauty there is pleasure, and as all generation is from the soul, which is called Venus, many thought that Venus herself was Pleasure [Ernst Gombrich, Symbolic Imagesp.

Reason becomes involved with the experiences, desires and needs of the body as transmitted by the senses and imagination. CI You could swear that the goddess had emerged from the waves, pressing her hair with her loliziano hand, covering with the other her sweet mound of flesh; and where the strand was imprinted by her sacred and divine step, it had clothed itself in flowers and grass; then with happy, more than mortal features, she was received in the bosom of the three nymphs and cloaked in a starry gar- ment.

Influences Marsilio Ficino Demetrius Chalcocondyles. Portugal e os Estrangeiros.

Excerpt from Poliziano’s Giostra

Study of classical texts was central to this humanist culture. The king replied in a positive manner, in a letter of October 23,but delayed the commission. It was the method of professors at that period to read the Greek and Latin authors with their angdlo, dictating philological and critical notes, emending corrupt passages in the received texts, offering antelo of the matter, and teaching lawsmannersreligious and philosophical opinions of the ancients.

Poliziano by contrast insisted above all on the need to understand the past in the light of every possibly relevant bit of evidence — and to scrap any belief about the past that did not rest on firm documentary foundations Poliziano’s works include translations of passages from Homer ‘s Iliadan edition of the poetry of Catullus and commentaries on classical authors and literature.

It was his classical scholarship that brought him the attention of the wealthy and polizaino Medici family that ruled Florence. But never before had an attempt been made to fuse Christian theology, fully developed as it was, with a great pagan philosophy, without impairing the individuality and completeness of either. In any case, both Poliziano and Botticelli were working in the ahgelo of the Medici court in Florence.


He was also known as an Italian poet, a contemporary of Ariosto. The relationships of the arts, most specifically painting and poetry, was related to a famous dictum in Horace’s Ars Poetica, “ut pictura poesis,” or literally “As painting so is poetry.

Wikiquote has quotations related to: The soul, now, consists of five faculties grouped under the headings of anima prima and anima secunda.

The introduction locates the poem in its historical framework, examines the mythological symbolism, and interprets the so-called Neoplatonic philosophy of love guiding the poet. At the same time he was busy as a translator from the Greek. Reason is closer to the Lower Sould: This position of man is both exalted and problematic. It would seem likely that Botticelli would have known this text when he painted his Birth of Venus. By treating the study of antiquity as completely irrelevant to civic life and by suggesting that in any case only a tiny elite could study the ancient world with adequate rigor, Poliziano departed from the tradition of classical studies in Florence.

From Marsilio Ficino he learned the rudiments of philosophy.

The Lower Soul is, therefore, not free, but determined by ‘fate. Politian spent his final years without financial or other worries, studying philosophy.

Politianus[1] was an Italian classical scholar and poet of the Florentine Renaissance.

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