Entertaining and exciting throughout, there’s enough seduction, laughter and surprises in the second Desperate Duchesses installment to. Magic under the mistletoeOne spectacular Christmas, Lady Perdita Selby, known to her friends and family as Poppy, met the man she thought she would lov. I adore Eloisa James’s characters, and I love her dialogue. As it is, your reaction to An Affair Before Christmas will depend very much on your.

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An Affair Before Christmas — All About Romance

She’s one of those “childlike” heroines who is maybe brilliant at one thing but dumb as a post regarding actual real life. Four years later, however, little remains in common between them – and, as unpolitically-correct as this may seem, most of the problems are Poppy’s fault.

Other books in the series. Befode only we could have gotten to that point much, much earlier!!!

It drove him into an ecstasy of lust…a French-inflected christas, the kind that wanted to kiss a woman from the very tip of her toes to the top of her ears, that wanted to lick and snuffle and eat her, as if she were more delicious than a truffle which she would be. As in her other novels, Eloisa James takes on the point-of-view of quite a number of characters, christmaa and minor.

In collaboration with a very talented illustrator, Eloisa created paper dolls complete with extravagant hairpieces and two Georgian fashion dresses to go along with her Desperate Duchesses, the Original Six heroines. The novel begins with a prologue about two young lovers in Paris. I say Poppy and Jemma yes, she was in here need to hire a giggilo that will give Lady Flora the proper experience she needs to realize sex isn’t so bad ; Eventually Poppy and Fletch who’s name is John Jemma is playing a dangerous game pitting Villars and her estranged husband, Elijah against each other.


Four years later, Poppy and the duke chrisymas become the toast of the ton Fletch blinked and looked down at his bride-to-be, Lady Perdita Selby. Add to this an aura of unassailable virtue, and you have Lady Flora.

I appreciate that James shows geniune female relationships in her books, and her heroines have more dimensions than whatever ties them to men.

An Affair Before Christmas

Unfortunately, both of them are dead wrong about the other and just haven’t been able to resolve their differences, even after elois years together. So his ‘As I lay Dying’ subplot was quite entertaining. Because she was an idiot. Four years later, Popp Magic under the mistletoe Discovering her own person is nice and all affaur but her husband still loves her, and is so pretty. Plus, there were interesting side stories. Poppy was a push over for a lot of the book and Fletch jamex such an whiney prick at the start of the book, it does not bode well.

I just didn’t like any of the characters and really didn’t care if they found happiness or not. Why, you ask, is their marriage failing?


I have Thoughts on the mother plot. If the staff was still Fletch’s household staff, I’d be inclined to believe it; but other than the butler, his MIL has replaced everyone else.

Your hair itches so you can’t enjoy making love to your husband? Hmm, I’m not sure I like the premise of this book.

In fact, we have something of a community going on my website. As previously mentioned, why didn’t she visit poor Villiers in his sick bed? affaie

Also, the friendship that Elijah had with dying Villiers, who regrets his loss of friendship with both Elijah and Benjamin he committed suicide after their chess game.

Because if I’d really felt you, if I’d really known you, it would have been different.

Gossamer Obsessions: “An Affair Before Christmas,” by Eloisa James

She smiled up at him, her face framed by soft curls, the color of white gold streaked with sunlight, her mouth as sweet and ripe as any French plum. At least she let him hold her. I already know this given the hints here and there in the book and reading some of the reviews beflre I generally don’t jamees reviews make a decision for me before or while reading a book but this one I just couldn’t finish.

And proper ladies never, ever enjoy sex.

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