Amegilla bees are a group of native bee species that do not produce honey but are important pollinators of crops and wild plants. Amegilla bees are not. Blue-banded Bee – Amegilla cingulata. Family ANTHOPHORIDAE. This page contains pictures and information about Blue-banded Bees that. Blue-banded Bee (Amegilla cingulata). One of our reasons for establishing a native garden is to establish a haven for wildlife. This includes birds, reptiles.

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Plant database Grasses and Strappy. Sometimes the insects may have body contact but there are not any conflict. Eryngium ovinum, Blue Devil.

View all coordinates using: The genus Amegilla contains over additional species, but several are virtually indistinguishable from A. Fauna profiles Badge Huntsman Spider. Those area is usually an open area with tall grasses.


Honey bees are not the only bee species that are significant for human wellbeing. Acacia linifolia, White or Flax-leaved Wattle. They tend to dart around much more rapidly, and often stop to hover — an ability that the Honeybee is unable to duplicate.

Callistemon phoeniceus, Lesser Bottlebrush. Ameilla gregsoniana, Wolgan Snow Gum. Eucalyptus preissiana, Bell-fruited mallee. Prostanthera serpyllifolia, Thyme-leaved Mintbush. Click on images to enlarge Amegila species.

Common Blue-Banded Bee (Amegilla cingulata)

By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. Males do not build nest and they rest on grass stem in small group, as shown in the above pictures. Hakea microcarpa, Small-fruited Hakea.

Leptospermum laevigatum, Coast Tea Tree.

File:Amegilla cingulata 2.jpg

Plant database Ground covers. Chorizema cordatum, Heart-leaf Flame Pea. Most insects are either useful or benign. Hibbertia aspera, the Rough Guinea Flower.

This was a chance in a thousand.

Amegilla cingulata Scientific classification Kingdom: Species that perform buzz pollination or sonication are able to grab onto the flower and move their wing muscles very fast making a loud buzzing sound. Subscription Subscribe to the Australian Plants Journal. Look mum – no hands. Elaeocarpus reticulatus, Blueberry Ash. Some species of Amegilla bee resemble some Xylocopa species carpenter bees but they differ in size with carpenter bees being larger than Amegilla amegipla.


Blue-banded Bee – Amegilla cingulata

Melaleuca quadrifaria, Limestone Honey-myrtle. Kennedia rubicunda, the Dusky Coral Pea. Blue-banded Bees are around amehilla in length and at first glance may appear similar to the familiar, exotic honeybee. Eremophila glabra, Kalbarri Carpet. Acacia dealbata, Silver Wattle.

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