View and Download Akai DR16 operator’s manual online. Akai DR16 Hard disk recorder. DR16 DVR pdf manual download. This software, and all related documentation, including this Owner’s Manual, contain proprietary Data Compatibility with Akai 16 Bit DR8/DR16 Models. Author Topic: akai dr16 () (Read times). 0 Members and 1 Guest DR16pro V – Operator’s Manual Addendum Downloads DR

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Akai DR16 Operator’s Manual

Always disconnect the DR16pro from the power supply by pulling on the plug, not the cord. Apart from voiding the warranty, unauthorized engineers might touch live internal parts and receive a serious electric shock. Precautions When Using the Installed Hard Disk Drive The hard disk drive has extremely high precision and is vulnerable to shock and vibration.

If transporting the DR16pro by either land or air, we recommend packing it in a shell-shaped case lined with urethane rubber which meets ATA specifications. Make sure the DR16pro is used in the horizontal position. To change the fuse in this type of plug proceed as follows: A or BSI approved type.

All rights are reserved. No part of the software or its documentation may be copied, transferred or modified. If the warranty is valid, AKAI professional will, without charge for parts or labour, either repair or replace the defective part s. What is the DR16pro? Please take the time to read this manual.

It will allow you to get the best out of your DR16pro. The signal is then converted to digital. Many of the keys have sub-menu functions indicated in amber, usually beneath the key. When mwnual video signal is con- nected, this switch must be set to ON. If you have used a conventional tape recorder, you will find it quite straightforward.

De16 Modes The DR16pro has various operating modes: The desired time can be entered as follows: The point will be stored. The time display will stop flashing. Confirm the stored locations. If you rack mount the DR16pro, leave at least 1U of free space above and below it.

Connecting The Power Warning: Before connecting to an AC receptacle, make sure that the mains voltage in your area matches that printed on the DR16pro rear panel. Recording Recording This chapter describes how to record using the DR16pro. Sampling Frequency It is important that you set the sampling frequency before recording.

If it is changed after some material has been recorded, that material will playback at the wrong pitch. The DR16pro can record at any one of the three common digital audio sampling frequencies: Press the 2 DIGI key — numeric keypad. The new record bit-length will be selected.


Typically, bit audio occupies the same space on disk as bit audio the extra 4-bits of storage space in each sample being wasted.

Analog Inputs The DR16pro has eight analog input maanual on its rear panel. Recording Sampling Frequency To record via the digital inputs, the DR16pro must be set to the same sampling frequency as that used by the incoming digital signal. This is because the DR16pro has to synchronize with the incoming signal word sync.

If you are recording from a CD, prerecorded MD, this will be If you are recording from a DAT that was recorded via analog inputs, this will be 48kHz. Recording To switch input sources to digital: Press the DIGI key. A8 from the analog boards will now be switched to D D8 from the optional digital audio interface. Recording Set the destination tracks: Set up the Mamual so that it is ready to record. Record setup procedures are explained on the preceding pages.

Recording Track Number Limitations The DR16pro carries certain technical limitations regarding the number of tracks you can use simultaneously for recording and playback. In practical terms, it is unlikely that you will encounter this limitation.

Akai DR16 Service Manual | eBay

Nevertheless, this limitation is described below. When you select a track for recording including auto or manual punch-inif the number of play back tracks including those that contain no data exceeds a certain number, some tracks may not play back. This is a special function intended for use in dialog replace- ment. The following table describes monitoring operations when the Recording Monitor status is set to Mute Stop: Recording Recording Undo If you record new material over some existing material, and then decide that you preferred the original, you can use the undo function to restore the original.

In fact, you can switch between the original and the new during playback for comparison. This is possible because the DR16pro al- ways records new material on a different area of the hard disk, except in Destructive Recording Mode. In Normal Recording mode, if you record twice on the same track at the same time location, both recordings remain on the hard disk, in different areas.

Recording To set the recording mode: Playback Playback This chapter describes some functions that apply to playback only. Outputs The DR16pro has 16 analog outputs that can be configured as 16 individual track outputs in MULT mode, or the combination of two send outputs and a master stereo output in MIX mode. It also has a digital output that duplicates the signal at the master stereo output. Playback Special Play Keys The DR16pro has four special play keys for confirming edit points, punch-in locations, etc.

Playback Varispeed The varispeed function allows you to vary the pitch of recorded material during playback. Setting the Amount of Varispeed To set the amount of varispeed: The DR16pro is also able to handle disks and files created for use on other sys- tems such as Digidesign Protools.


Akai DR16 pro Manuals

Projects Loading Project Files You can load existing project files from any manuxl hard disk. To manuwl a project file: Projects Deleting Project Files You can delete existing project files from any connected hard disk. To delete a project file: To import a project file from a Macintosh disk: To create a new Protools Session file: The DR16pro is now operating under the new project name and new recordings will be made directly into the new Protools Session file.

Mixer Mixer This chapter examines the mixer functions. Inside the DR16pro is a channel digital mixer. There are sixteen channels available from the hard disk tracks.

You can set the mixer parameters for each channel independently. Output Assignment Mode There are two modes manhal the assignment of output: Individual Channel Settings In order to access individual channel settings for mixing, you need to enter Mix Mode. The pan data will be underlined: Mixer Rotate the JOG wheel to change the level value.

The default pan position is MID. The pan amai will also be displayed graphically using the peak level meters. Mixer Rotate the JOG wheel to set the fade time. The following options are available: No fade will be applied.

The value here determines when the Snapshot starts fading in before the allocated time on the Snapshot map. You can set the fade from 0. Mixer Rotate the JOG wheel. The playback and record functions of the selected channel will be disabled.

You should select POST to view the effects of the mix balance on the clipping conditions of each channel. Mono pre- or post- send: Rotate the JOG wheel to select the desired function. Mixer Snapshot Settings Up to 99 mixer snapshots can be stored and recalled.

These points are identified using a two-digit number 01 to Storing a Snapshot To store a mixer snapshot: In Mix Mode, adjust the mixer parameters. For details, see the previous sections.

Mixer Mapping Snapshots The allocation of stored snapshots to specific times is called Mapping. You create a map of snap- shots and then play them back for automated mixing during playback.

Locating Snapshots Locate to the point to which you want to assign the snapshot. Mixer Inserting Snapshots Check your snapshot map. Locate to another point.

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