Now, cat in all likelihood is gonna b same as and , what should i do? For example with an AIMCAT performance in the range of 60 percentile you. View AIMCAT (INVL) – July 30_ pdf from ECON at Delhi Technological University. 1. ‘I’.I.M.E. Triumphant Institute of Harassment. AIMCAT (P_P) – July 22_ pdf; Delhi Technological University; I; ECON AIMCAT (INVL) – September 24_ pdf; Delhi Technological.

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You will need to relax and take the questions one at a time. You can assume that you will stay for 10 months in iamcat calendar year.

Please look for them in the newspaper. There is no exit option at the end of the 4 th year. Hope you are getting Reasoning right. Sir please answer my question Will it be under preparedness on my side? On aijcat of everyone, you are welcome.

So ya, you have a reasonable chance.

Plz send a mail to info time4education. If somebody does a lot of hard work starting now,could she make it to nmims?

My verbal is pathetic. Please make sure you fill your forms correspondingly.



Join on the top ones, most of them will have batches in June only. Try solving a question in your head before you jump in and if it seems to take time even if you cansolve it leave it for a later round. If you think they are doable start with them. Around 95,98,98,92 respectively for general category students.

I hope you understood “If X then Y” For Unless, aimcta it appears difficult; change it to the if form as follows: Find out what you are doing. If the paper is tough, its going to be tough for every one and similarly if the paper is easy, it will be easy for everyone.

But my recent mock cat scores have fluctuated. CAT, as you know, is a percentile based exam, not score based. Please go through the fundamentals in our study material.

AIMCAT 1013 discussion (Please do not open if you have not attempted the test)

No way of answering that question, it varies from person to person. Considering my on going preparation I feel that I’ll be able to complete the 1st set only, that to by end of October and my exam is on 3rd November. What is better to do for verbal in last 15days? Could be from any area.


TIME guys r saying they donno Might help if you do both, but do not worry ifdespite your trying, you are not able to complete both. Analysis is more important than anything else you may do. Programmes Tuition Fees Rs. No, go through the basic study material once again, mark your doubts and discuss them with a faculty member or a friend who is good at it.

Will make a significant difference. Do not get stuck on any question.

Which institute’s mocks are near to the real CAT exam, and so which series should I take? – Quora

The charges for food will be at actual based on dividing system and will approximately be around Rs. Your Student Home Page. I know I need to do more on RCs and fill in the blanks. Zimcat how much time should be spent on RC’s for theses mock cats?

Radhakrishnan Office of the VC. But for the last tests my score has fallen to

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