Hi MSP, need a robust backup software for backing up your clients’ VMware, Hyper-V, Office mail, Exchange, SQL etc. to your datacenter storage or public . Find out what users are saying about Ahsay Cloud Backup Suite. Read user Ahsay Cloud Backup Suite reviews, pricing information and what features it offers . Find out what users are saying about AhsayCBS. Read user AhsayCBS reviews, pricing information and what features it offers.

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Rebrandable Cloud, Online, Managed Backup Software for MSPs – Ahsay Backup

Since these pricihg license types were not in v6, you will need to purchase these licenses when you upgrade from v6 to v7. Storage as low as USD 0. While being a faithful partner with maintenance over the years, they have always said you could update to the latest version of the software.

Sales team – lots of turn pficing there. Ease to use though, but they have to work well on those aspect have stated above Upon request to restore from a backed up image, VMware Player will playback the image that is currently uncompressed and unencrypted and stored in a local destination. We have used Ahsay since We have helped business to find the right Software. View pricibg list of Backup Software. What is the deployment type?

Ahsay Cloud Backup Suite Reviews and Pricing –

There is no storage associated with this hosted service. Cloud integration What’s New.

We have not changed our pricing approach in this upgrade from Version 6 to Version 7. You can perform backup jobs to your whim.


Not Likely Extremely Likely. The whole solution can be use within a company to back up all virtual machines, servers, desktops and laptops. If we were to adopt an unlimited license model, our revenue will suffer that in turn will suffocate our development works. Additional protection of critical corporate cloud data Unlimited file prkcing. From “Dexter” on Jan 26, – ” Over the past few years, the quality and reliability of their software has fluctuated with their versions.

Which mobile platform does Ahsay Backup support? ashay

Ahsay Backup

Get Quote for Aarogya We have helped business to find the right Software. I have evaluated many personal, and small business backup systems. Ahsay Systems Corporation Limited.

Sign pricimg with LinkedIn. In v6, I purchased the same number of AhsayRDR now called Redirection Module as the number of client side licenses, is this license count still the same in v7?

If your paid licenses in v6 are under valid maintenance, you just need pricinf purchase one additional AhsayCBS license for each AhsayOBS key you intend to upgrade to v7. Your information will be secured by SoftwareSuggest. Your understanding is not correct.

Get Quote for Aarogya. I can see you have increased your price by quite a bit. If your customer is satisfied with features in V6 and does not want to upgrade, you do not need to provision AhsayCBS in the Pool Key and the Key will remain the current v6. If you intend to provision Redirection Module or Replication Module in a separate server, you will need to make sure there is an AhsayCBS license installed.


Ensured business continuity through quasi-disaster recovery in 1 minute Significantly reduced downtime and management costs. Platforms Web App Windows Macintosh.

Why are you charging extra for the v6 to v7 upgrade this time? We have made the replication scalable so you can decide how many of your devices need replication and in turn purchase the corresponding AhsayCBS Replication module. Wondershare Wondershare Software Ltd. Another customer posted regarding Ahsay support’s lack of responsiveness: The market now has much better products to choose from due to technology changes that have happened in the prciing years while Ahsay has not kept current.

Sales managers are seasoned but I’m sure your impression of their front line sales folks will damage your impression before you get to the Sales management team. Their customer services is very poor and have bad documentation.

Prickng model is ideal for MSPs who intend to start their online backup service for a small number of clients in a very scalable manner as the entire initial and ongoing investment is based upon your business growth. Documentation Live Online In Person. With the misleading of product upgrades for it’s partners and the only way is to pay more for product licensing, I will shortly be looking for a replacement for Ahsay as many other partners have done in the past year due to Ahsay management philosophy change.

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