Jan 22, Book Source: Digital Library of India Item : Ramanujacarya, M. : Schrader. Donor challenge: Your generous donation will be matched 2-to-1 right now. Your $5 becomes $15! Dear Internet Archive Supporter,. I ask only once a year. The Ahirbudhnya Samhita briefly characterized , The Paris’ista APPENDICES— 1. The Divine fold Machinery of Existence.. 2.

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Search the history of over billion web pages on the Internet. Only three of the Samhita MSS. It was impossible under such circumstances to produce an absolutely faultless work; still, a glance at the list of Additions and Corrections will show that the purely typographical errors found by the Author in the printed sheets are of a trifling nature.

Two omissions in the MS. These omissions are given in the Errata for p. The reader should also correct immediately the erratum for p. Together they render the B VI whole of the subject-matter of the book in all its categories instantaneously available for reference. The Numeral Index contains some items not found elsewhere in the book.

Introduction to the Pancaratra and the Ahirbudhnya Samhita.

A personal word in conclusion. The publication of this little work coincides with the samhjta of the connection With ahirrbudhnya Adyar Library—though for wholly different reasons—of both Dr. I may be permitted to express here my great satisfaction at having had the privilege of watching over the booklet on its way through the press, a last service rendered to the Adyar Library in close and pleasant co-operation with Dr.

The publication of this book also, as that of the two volumes of the text edition of Ahirbudhnya Sarnhita, has been greatly facilitated by the courtesy of the military censors at Ahmednagar, to whom our sincere thanks are due.

Nights and Days op Narayana. Nature and Destiny of the Soul. Name of the Samhita Contents of the Samhita The Divine fold Machinery of Existence. Four kinds of worship. Index of authors and works. Index of proper names. Index of Samhiat terms. Index of images similes Additions and Corrections to the Introduction. Supplementary list of errata found in the edition of Ahirbudhnya Samhita. An attempt will be made in the following asmhita to provide the future student of this unexplored field with a provisional foundation.


The latter class, entirely dependent on the former, consists chiefly of what are called vidhi and prayoga: Instead of Samhita the name Tantra is often ahidbudhnya, evidently in exactly the same sense, and both these words, as also the word Kanda, are also applied to each of the main topics of a philosophical or religious system.

It is a strange misfortune smahita of all the works bearing the name of the Pancaratra Pancaratra 1 exactly the one 1 Both the system and its followers are usually called Pdncara- tra, but for the system the name Pancaratra and for its followers Pancaratrin P ancard trika are also used.

For it was taken for granted afterwards that this production, the late origin and apocryphal character of which has now been exposed by Sir R.

It was aihrbudhnya unknown, until recently, that other Samhitas are extant, and even Sir R. Now, in the case of the Pahcaratra, tradition mentions one hundred and eight Samhitas, and in a few texts about ahidbudhnya number are actually enumerated. Such lists, coquetting with the sacred numberare, of course, open to suspicion. We have, consequently, collated those lists, four in all, and wdth them a fifth list found in the Agni Purana, and as a result offer the following table in which all the names occurring in the lists have been arranged in alphabetical order.

The figures added to the right of the names indicate the place each Sainhita occupies in the said lists: Editor and publisher S’ankhapuram Raghavacarya, P.

Neither the number of daggers nor that of v. The Kapinjala list first column comprises names, the list of Padma Tantra second column xthat of Visnu Tantra third column 1 2that of Hayasirsa Samhita fourth column 34, and that found in the 39th adhyaya of Agni Agneya Purana only A still shorter list, namely that of the apocryphal Naradiya mentioned above, has not been taken into account; it comprises the following seven names: For, as proved by our table, there were at least two Yamana Samhitas, and the second pada of the omitted line, namely Jaiminam Vdmandhvayam, is found in nearly the same form Vamanam Jaiminiyakani in an otherwise different s’loka of the Kapinjala list.


Ahirbudhnya-samhita, Ahirbudhnya-saṃhitā: 1 definition

A This may be the S’iva, S’arva, or Ahirbudhnya of our synopsis. Atreya Ananta, see Ananta. Uttaragargya 82 Gargya, K. Kanva, Kanva 78 P. Kama Karsnya, see Krsna.

Krsna, Karsnya damhita 91 31 Cf, remark on Kanva. Kaubera Kaumara, see Skanda. Krannca Khages’vara, see Tar- Khagapras’na quoted in Ganes’a 57 69 P. Gautama,-mlya 66 58 98 Jab ala 66 Jaimina,-nlya 97 71 v.

Jnanarnava, Jnanasa- 53, gara 61 15 14 f Tattvasagara Tarksya I 77 Cf. IIsee Yiha- gendra. Dattatreya Garuda, Tarksya, Yiha- i 21 gendra. The published text cannot be P. Paniniya 98 i p. Paravata Parasarya, see Para- 54 s’ara. Purusottama Pulastya, see Paulas- tya.

Ahirbudhnya Samhita

Paulastya 82 59 88 Paulaha 83 90 Bodhayana 86 79 23 23 1. Bhagavata samhitaa 26 p. Mahapurusa 36 33 Madhava 14 10 Mahendra, Mahendra 41 20 71 Mala 89 40 Medinipati 50 Mai trey a 75 Yama, Yamya 43 63 73 V. Baghava,-viya 25 99 39 p. Laksmipati 45 Yasn Yahni, see Yahnika.

Ahirbudhnya Saṃhita – Hindupedia, the Hindu Encyclopedia

Yamadeva 74 v. II 96 V three is preserved and Yayu, Yayavya, Yaya- viya 45 89 Yaruna 44 90 Y almika 74 1. Visva 15 24 25 1 Called, in H.

Probably same as Yis’ves’- vara mentioned in P. Of these the second is the one containing the list of Samhitas with itself as No.

Pretends to be part of Vaikuntha Vaikhanasa, see Vai- Vaibhava 3 3 Cf. S’akaleya, S’akalya, 1 S’akalahvava 76 60 S’ukra S’esa, see Ananta. Sanaka 94 13 Sananda, Sananda 93 16 93 II 46 35 77 j Doubt as to place of t Saura, Surya 34 Skanda, Kaumara Svayambhuva 56 31 Hrsikes’a 20 17 I To the above names have to be added those of a few Samhitas which are extant but apparently not included in any of the lists, to wit: Kas’yapottara S a m h i t a of which M G.

Brhad Brahma Samhita, another recent work, published twice see below. We mention the following, but a complete list should some day reveal many more names: The first of these possessing but a few of the P.

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