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AFI. Number: Changes Note: AFI_AFGM Link to Policy : Find the most up-to-date version of AFI at Engineering SUBJECT: Air Force Guidance Memorandum (AFGM) to AFI , .. NOTE: Reference AFI , Administrative Separation of Airmen.

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For some discharges, particularly misconduct based upon a serious offense or drug abuse, no rehabilitation is required prior to discharge processing, and the only counseling will be a notation, shown to the member for acknowledgment, that discharge is being recommended.

The one rule of evidence that is applied at ADB is relevance. The DoD Instruction includes in its statement of rights that respondents have the right to be represented at the hearing by non-lawyer counsel if: In affi all cases, good-character letters from other military personnel are helpful.

Its central right, a board hearing, is also available to members with six or more years of service and, in the Air Force, to noncommissioned officers. If servicemembers demand this right, the command must arrange an appointment with JAG counsel, usually in person but occasionally by phone for members stationed far from area defense counsel.

A member 36-308 not be qualified for reserve duty to meet this condition of eligibility for separation pay. But requests for further assistance from JAGs may meet with success if respondents ask, and if they can point to real issues, such as an incorrect medical diagnosis or a flawed Article 15 proceedings, which xfi a strong response. If these requests are denied, they can be raised directly to the separation authority, or to his or her superior.

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This led to another change in DoD Members who do submit statements are generally left to prepare them on their own, even if they have consulted military counsel. If the military did not do psychological testing, it is useful to have a civilian psychologist administer the Minnesota Multiphasic Personality Inventory 2 MMPI 2one of the most common and respected psychological tests, and to supplement it with other testing.


Representation by military counsel is available throughout the proceeding, rather than just in the initial decision to demand or waive rights. In many cases, members who might have been diagnosed with personality disorders prior to the new provisions are now diagnosed with adjustment disorders, which also warrant discharge under the category of ODPMC, so that there has been a very significant rise in discharges for this reason.

PT Failure admin discharge. Most concealment involving prior criminal activity, medical conditions or treatment, or educational level results in a General discharge at the worst, so that the Notification Procedure 36–3208 used. This talk often ends with the ultimate military myth, that less than honorable 336-3208 will automatically upgrade six months after separation.

AFI 36-3208 Administrative Separation Of Airmen

Consider as a separation at the member’s own request, the following: The member is on active duty 36-3028 and has completed at least 6 years, but fewer than 20 years of active service; active service does not have to be continuous. Rather, a superior, sfi a staff sergeant or chief, meets with members to yell at them about having a problem, threatens discharge or punishment if the problem happens again, and offers a typed record entry for the members to sign, acknowledging that the counseling occurred and that they can seek further help from appropriate sources chaplains and the command structure are often mentioned.

Thus a member diagnosed with mild PTSD or depression and a sufficiently severe personality disorder may receive an administrative discharge for personality disorder rather than medical discharge or retirement for PTSD. While the overall 3-3208 rates for discharge upgrades and other discharge review cases are not high, applications with well-documented responses at the discharge level often have greater chances of success.

The services sometimes established and even year retirement programs to encourage retirement. Despite this language, one could argue that non-attorney civilian counselors should be permitted as assistant counsel or additional counsel if requested by the client, without loss of military counsel. The respondent expressly declines appointment of counsel qualified under Article 27 b 1 of the UCMJ and requests a specific nonlawyer counsel, or The separation authority assigns non-lawyer counsel as assistant counsel.


In these cases, counsel, counselor and clients may wish to raise violation of the applicable regulations, which will trigger an investigation of the reprisal and the handling of the original complaint made by the servicemembers, and often of the underlying issue about which they complained. Soldiers and sailors know little about the regulations, and are not encouraged to read or use them.

Severance Pay requirments? PT Failure admin discharge – Page 2

Occasionally, this will cause commands to rethink their objective of obtaining a bad discharge. Too lazy to look up the AFI reference, but let me know if you really need it for some aif and I’ll look it up for you.

Hill and Sharon E. This part looks at the more complex area of Aci Discharge Board Procedure discharges, where other than honorable OTH discharge may be warranted, and where procedural rights are therefore greater. A provision of the National Defense Authorization Act provides some additional protection to women subjected to retaliatory involuntary discharges after making sexual assault complaints.

The discharge paperwork is ultimately sent to the separation authority for a final determination on discharge or 36-32208, character of discharge and, when the regulations permit, suspension of discharge. But you can even the playing field a bit 36-32208 thorough research and preparation.

Note that board members commonly assume that if this has come to a board, there must be a problem. The only members who, otherwise qualify for ready reserve, will be accepted to enter into ready reserve are those who qualify for full separation pay or are separated for involuntary expiration of term of service.

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