Conforme a ABNT NBR , o resumo no idioma do documento é elemento obrigatório. Constituído de uma sequência de frases concisas e objetivas e. 21 jan. Modelo de Artigo baseado na ABNT BA. Biblioteca Atualiza. Updated Estrutura de Artigo baseado. na ABNT NBR Pós-textuais. 23 jan. Antes de mais nada, você precisa conhecer as normas da ABNT NBR , — ela regulamenta as especificações de apresentação de.

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There is no fee for submission and review articles. The declaration of originality should be signed by the first author, and sent in Word or pdf. See abbnt “Evaluation Mechanisms”. They are then given a code and referred for pre-assessment. The ReGeA is not responsible for poor quality images inserted at work.

The authors can submit their manuscripts and cases for publication in the current editions of REAd in Portuguese, Spanish or English. The full texts can be submitted in Portuguese or in English.

Information on the author should be conveyed only in the e-mail body, containing the following data: The author s of the Case will be responsible in the case the identity of any protagonist is revealed.

Times New Roman, size 12, 1. Images must be in jpg. The use of notes, quotes, charts, tables, figures, charts or photographs should be limited to a minimum; these texts must be submitted according to ABNT NBRin size Times New Roman, body 12, spacing equal to 1. Manuscripts should only be submitted in electronic form, via e-mail: See more of Universidade do Porto on Facebook. Submissions that do not conform to these standards m be rejected.

The works should be thoroughly reviewed in order to see whether they have been organized in accordance with the standards of ReGeA, the correction of the Portuguese language or languages should be agnt certified. Please note that in the special editions, as fromfull papers should be submitted and published only in English.


The manuscript should be in a nrb from Wordwithout notes or markings that reveal authorship, and should be less than 1MB. Works with incomplete documentation or not meeting the guidelines of the standards adopted by the magazine will not be evaluated. This way the submission ensures a quick and safe submission of your manuscript, streamlining the evaluation of the process. REAd is open to all topics relating to management of organizations. There must be a strict care about the adequate 6022 of the author before submissions are handed in.

The abstract should outline the purpose, method, results and conclusions; d key-words: Word for Windows 6.

There is no deadline for submitting manuscripts. The full text is published in the language in bant the article is submitted, with abstracts in the three languages. The work should be attached to the same e-mail.

ARTIGO: Saiba como formatar o seu

References should be alphabetically ordered and aligned to the left margin, according to the ABNT, single spaced between the lines and double spaced between the references see model above. The paper must be unpublished, that is, it must not be under review by or be published abbt another journal.

Case Study — Teaching Case 5. Submissions that do not conform to these standards may be rejected. The files should be named according to their content. Furthermore, the assignment of copyright is made on a free non-exclusive basis, from the ReGeA which holds the rights to publish the material, except when there is a specific indication of other copyright holders.

Submissions that are not in accordance with the rules will be rejected. The full article will be published in the language nbrr which it is submitted. The case should report a past situation, or a story with a beginning, middle and end.

Topic current and relevant Aims clear and well defined Literature review reflects the state-of-the-art in the field of knowledge Conceptual or theoretical consistency of the work adequate and well-structured Research method used clearly defined and consistent with the objectives of the work Data analysis and results correct interpretation of the data and combined with the theoretical basis Conclusions clear, objective and supported by the research data Contribution towards the particular field of knowledge Writing and organization of the text spelling, grammar, clarity, objectivity and formal structure The manuscripts should be scientific see required specifications and provide research results or a contribution to the Management field.


The manuscripts should be scientific see required specifications and provide research results or a contribution to the Management field.

It can be signed and scanned or nbe electronic signature can be entered in the file. If identified, the work will be automatically out of the evaluation process. REAd sporadically publishes thematic special issues in English, electronically, nvr also in nnr copy. Nbrr author s of the manuscript ngr be responsible for the accuracy of the references and citations in the text. Sections of this page. As with full papers, the teaching case of must be unpublished. Every teaching avnt submitted to REAd must be accompanied by the completed Author Registration Form and Declaration of Originality signed by the first author.

Mundo da Monografia – Consultoria Acadêmica: ARTIGO: Saiba como formatar o seu

Case Study — Teaching Case. For articles in English, the equivalent ISO standard will be used.

The names of journals should be described in full, without abbreviations. The same specifications apply for Spanish and English. Through the Portal the authors can submit articles and track their status throughout the editorial process.

For this purpose it is suggested to follow the journal recommendations for presenting Teaching Cases.

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