Dr. Abdessamad DIALMY Mohamed V University, Rabat, Morocco. Short title: Sexuality and Islam Key words: Islam, Sexuality, Pleasure, Marriage, Public. Abdessamad Dialmy (Fez University) Dr. Dialmy, a sociologist of sexuality, gender and religion, is a former full professor at Fez and Rabat Universities and a . The Middle East Research and Information Project (MERIP) was established in to educate the public about contemporary Middle East affairs. A registered.

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Sexuality in the Middle East Conference Report. Log In Sign Up. Thus, marriage must necessarily entail coitus, pleasure, and shared pleasure between spouses. Skip to main content.

Indeed, if most prostitutes belong to lower social classes, it evidently does not mean that the majority of girls of modest social origin will end up being one. Female students whose fellowship stipend is grossly insufficient are also at risk of being reduced to prostituting themselves.

Presently women are considered to support their family by means of the salary they earn or the domestic chores they accomplish, which are perceived as being productive work.

According to Kif Kif, several politicians, members of Parliament and journalists who are homosexuals but have not come out with regard to their sexual identity and practices, support the association in secret. Popularity Popularity Featured Price: Homosexuality has greater recognition when it entails an active role.

Their defloration does not lead them into prostitution and at any rate not to prostitution as a means of survival. According to his legend, this saint liked to disguise himself as a woman and thus expressed his homosexuality. For Moslem jurists, sexual pleasure purifies the hearts3, contrary to abstinence which hardens them. So, a policy of practical tolerance gains ground which consists in the refusal to see and to punish prostitution.

But one could claim that Koran still allows men to have abdessanad slaves. JeunesseSida et islam au Maroc. East Dane Designer Men’s Absessamad. Help Center Find new research papers in: On the one hand, partial modernisation of Islamic countries had an impact on sexual practices leading to greater tolerance in this regard. Recommending is less strong than prescribing and jurists abdexsamad reinterpret these verses in order to permit equality between genders in matters of inheritance.


The woman must be an obeying sexual disciple who discovers sex thanks to her husband, her teacher in that domain. The former means that girls do not have any sexual experience whereas the latter defines virginity only as the absence of defloration of the hymen. Sexuality and Islam Key words: Loss of the integrity of the hymen, in particular when affecting girls of modest social condition for whom the hymen is the only capital they have, is likely to lead toward prostitution.

Consequently, sodomy is forbidden as some hadiths attest: In other words, sexuality is constrained by patterns of masculine and heterosexual domination. Get to Know Us. The author reports no conflict of interest. Along the dialmu line, one has to exploit the fact that the judiciary machine is now unable to cope with the great frequency of illegal sexual behaviours. Indeed, certain Moslems themselves are actors in this liberation, and there is no such thing as a Moslem church, a supreme religious authority which can impose a unique version of the official Islam.

Both are based on domination. Young people, sex and Islam – An investigation into Dutch young people of Moroccan and Turkish descent.

The sexual orientation of the individual is set out as a right in the name of individual freedom. So the only solution is to achieve reform in the name of Islam, through the reinterpretation of repressive holy texts. So Islam consists both of texts and practices.

Abdessamad Dialmy | Men in Movement, IV

The latter show that sexual practices of Moslems often deviate from proclaimed Islamic standards, which are centred only on heterosexuality and conjugal life.


The answers to these questions will be abdeesamad on the few sociological studies conducted on sex in some Moslem countries. Virginity is the means by which a man controls the female body and sexuality. Sometimes that leads to ogling and loud noises, and even pinching or poking the most private parts.

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English Choose a language for shopping. High to Low Avg. In line with this logic, neither of the two types of adult passive homosexuality the hassass and the zamel is socially dialmg. All Formats Paperback Sort by: This is most welcome as it allows the formulation of new and modern interpretations.

Only 10 left in stock – order soon. Within this frame of mind, an intact hymen is far from being a small anatomic structure of lesser importance. New standards are shaped by the practice. Once in a while, the authorities embark on repressive campaigns. On the other hand, restrictive sexual standards have gathered strength and have become idealised as a result of the radicalisation of Islam which was brought about by the domination of Wahhabism, an extremely conservative doctrine.

For the members of this association, to be penetrated is not to be perceived or experienced as shameful or a loss of masculinity. Soa Aids Nederland Stockholm, Jun;15 3: According to them, a reform of Islamic sexual morals, which they consider to be transcendent and of divine origin, is not only unnecessary, it is unthinkable.

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