the ATS Priority line selectable for the ATS •. No auxiliary power supply required. The new ATS family is designed to work without auxiliary. Settings conversion from ATS to ATS User Manual. Settings conversion from ATS to ATS Power and productivity for a better worldTM. ABB. AUTOMATIC TRANSFER SWITCH DEVICE ATS WITH DIALOGUE FOR ADVANCED CONTROLLER. ON MULTI VOLTAGE. —. General Information.

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The following lists illustrate the Gateways and Devices fully tested with Compta Emerging Business service ab. In case of having a gateway or device not listed Compta will analyze for compatibility check.

Up to 2x V, mA Sensors. Optional Modules for Ethernet or Serial. Dell Embedded Box PC Dell Edge Gateway Electricity meter, 1 phase, Active energy. Electricity meter, 3 phase, Active energy.


Electricity network analyser for harmonic analysis.

Electricity network analyzer with micro-cut, peak voltage and current recording. Electricity Automatic transfer switch. Electricity Circuit Monitoring System up to 2x 32 Sensors. Energy Multimeter with 56 variables. Energy Multimeter, 3 phase, with 40 variables. Multi-Circuit Power and kWh Meter. Electricity Meter, 3 Phase. Electricity Analyser, 3 Phase.

Introducing ABB’s ATS021, ATS022 Automatic Transfer Switches

Electricity Analyser, Dual 3 Phase. Electricity analyzer for single-phase circuits up to 32 A. Electricity Analyser – Single – three phase transducer. Electronic Controllers for Ventilated Refrigeration Units. Electricity Multi function Digital Meter.

Electricity Meter, Multi Function. Variable Speed Drives for complex machines 0. Electricity Meter CT Modbus.

Electricity meter with power and demand. Electricity Meter and Analyser, 3 Phae, Dataloger.

Devices & Gateways

Universal Motor Controllers Profinet Module. Industrial Profinet Field Bus Connector. Servo drives Controller for servo motors from 0. Low Voltage Industrial Inverters. Indoor CO2 Level Sensor.

Temperature and Humidity Transducer.


Introducing ABB’s ATS, ATS Automatic Transfer

Outdoor Humidity Sensor with Temperature. Standard 2-wire mA or 0—10 V.

Relative Humidity and Temperature Transmitter. Digital thermostat for acclimatization control. Dry-Wire contacts for Electro Valves. Requires external power and Voltage Output Adapter. Rugged with 5m cable and Agb battery supply. SP 5A – K Probe for moisture and salinity monitoring at multiple depths in a soil profile – 60cm 24″90cm 36″ and cm 48″ probes.

Location and Communication unit. Load Weight Cell Sensors for Vehicles. Volumetric Probe for Containers. Modbus towards Domatica Gateways.

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