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For our experiments, just leaving them unconnected is equivalent to tying them high. The same trick is used, but since the clearing is synchronous, the counter must be reset to 1, not 0. It goes 60 – This oscillator seemed to work well in general, but may oscillate at a higher frequency if there is too much noise. The maximum supply voltage for the is 18 V but only 7 V for the HC!

Two LS93’s would give us modulusin the same way.

At the cost of making more pushes, the problem of releasing the pushbutton at exactly the correct moment will be eliminated. These two SR flip-flops are enabled so that the left-hand one, or master, responds when E is low, while the right-hand one, or slave, responds when E is high.

A decimal counter is simply one example. Mar 24, 21, 2, By wiring more than one 74LS together cascadingit is possible to make higher count lengths powers of ten.

They are very flexible sequence engines indeed.

This frequency is not precisely stable in the short term, but over longer intervals, of perhaps a day, it is adjusted by speeding up or slowing down the alternators so dattasheet a clock based on it does not gain or lose time. The clock is active on the positive edge, differing from the LS90 family.


The hours and minutes counters can be individually zeroed if desired.

Digital clock using 74ls160

The first time this will give us a clear output will be at 24, and this is just what we want. So it enables the counters but does not affect the transition count.

Let’s take a 2-stage counter, and try to make a divide by The count 23 59 will be followed by 24 60, and then both counters will be reset to 00 Digital clock using 74LS family Posted by 74ls16d in forum: Next comes the HC crystal oscillator and counter that makes a 2 Hz signal.

You might have expected modulo-8, but here the clear does not occur until the next clock, instead of at once, as with the LS One of its units is represented in the diagram at the right.

The second hand of my watch ticks seconds, and drives the hour and minute hands by spur gearing, so the watch is really electromechanical.

integrated circuit – Counter inputs ENT, ENP and output RCO – Electrical Engineering Stack Exchange

This counter IC can be 74ls16d0 set to all zero at any time, by bringing the clear input to logical zero ground. The output is a 0. It seemed that some digital designers could never get this straight, so they demanded edge triggering.


Datashheet is nothing strange at all in this. Returning the load input to logical 1 high will resume the counter now starting from the new preloaded value. ENP does not have this property. Alternatively, a lot of NE-2’s could be assembled into a neon display. Synchronous counters are not afflicted by the obvious glitches of ripple counters, but they can still suffer from glitch problems of a more subtle nature. Then, the construction of a digital clock with a Nixie display is 74ls160dd.

Multisim and Ultiboard

It is necessary to keep the voltage supplied to the regulator above 7. You can 74ls16d back the output to the MR input to do this, but you need to do in on an output of 78, not 79, since the MR will reset the counter to 0 rather than 1.

Find out how much the clock gains or loses in 24 hours, perhaps by comparison with WWV. The output of the minutes counter is also routed through the data selector to the hours counter. It agreed precisely with two other digital clocks. They are designed with this in mind, and we only have to find out how it is intended to be done.

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